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Aging with Confidence

February 25, 2020


You enjoy the wisdom, power and success that comes with age, but confidence also comes with looking great and youthful while staying competitive.  Facial anatomy and the aging process play a huge role in why men and women have different rejuvenation needs.


Here are my top 6 procedures to preserve a masculine appearance while giving you the confidence in today’s competitive professional world.


I use Botox to reduce the brow and forehead furrows that may communicate an angry unapproachable appearance. BOTOX for men requires maintaining “T-shaped brow” to preserve a masculine appearance.


I use Sculptra to reduce facial hollowness and sagging associated with aging. This biostimulator restores the deep underlying structure of the skin, bone and fat to restore facial structure. I can also enhance a more masculine appearance in areas that may be weak.


This effective injectable is the first non-surgical treatment FDA approved that improves the fat below the chin to define and contour this problematic area.


Men want to look natural with little downtime. This suture suspension technology is ideal for men noticing skin sagging, jowls and are interested in refreshing their appearance without major surgery or the downtime of a surgical facelift.


Largely driven by hormonal factors men and women’s skin biology has distinct differences. Microneedling and Forever Young BBL are my top treatments for men. They have little downtime and give a brighter, healthier, more refreshed skin appearance.


Keep it simple! The products you use on a daily basis are going to maintain your results. My male patients love the DefenAge line.

Newer sunscreens are cosmetically elegant and comprehensive than ever. Sente SPF and Skin Better Science SPF Stick are the top sellers for male patients.



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