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1079 – Facial Rejuvanation


I created micro changes with a combination of filler and Botox to optimize global facial attractiveness while preserving unique facial identity. Subliminal differences make a big impact. The art of a beautiful result is to look fresh, balanced and more attractive.

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1078 – Lip Augmentation


Lips are key in facial balance, beauty and indication of age. I think about the lip balance that is harmonious with my patient’s face. Very often the lips cannot be treated in isolation. Correction of surrounding bone loss and over-action of muscles may need to be treated concurrently or prior to lip enhancement.

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1077 – Lip Shaping


The eyes and mouth are the focus of our communication with others. I balance the lip shape, volume and support to be in harmony with the patient’s face and goals

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1076 – Lip and Chin Augmentation


This patient wanted a fuller but natural lip.

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1069 – Facial Rejuvenation


This patient wanted an overall consultation to improve volume loss along with negative expression lines. She wanted instant results without the downtime of surgery.

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