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Lip Lines

Restylane KYSSE

Dr Olson has experience treating lips since 2003 when Restylane was launched.

A balanced lip with a brilliant light reflex is one hallmark of beauty. Our younger patients like a fuller pout which Dr Olson and Dr Sohrab customize with newer gel fillers like Restylane Kysse and Juvederm Volbella. They are softer and further integrate into your tissue over a months time, move naturally when expertly placed, and last up to a year. So rather than creating your lips daily with makeup and filters, you can wake up with a soft pout!

Your lips must be in harmony with your face…

As the face matures, bone and fat support is lost causing the lips to turn in toward the teeth. Repetitive pursing causes etched lines. The result is a more dour expression with age. To support the lips we first restore structure to the base of the nose and chin areas. Then a subtle hydration and smoothing of the pink lip is done and a crisp edge to the lip is defined. Lastly, lines around the mouth are softened and the muscle activity that builds with age is relaxed a bit (myomodulation). Sometimes the best result comes from treating gradually, about a month apart to allow the filler to integrate and work its magic. Of course, Botox can be used in combination.

When you consult with us, we will collaboratively develop a personal plan designed just for you; your goals, your schedule and your options. The consultation  is the most valuable time you will spend prior to treatment. Call to schedule your consultation and bespoke lip treatment with Dr. Olson or Dr Sohrab