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Below are a few notes from some of our wonderful patients.

My skin looks so good! I didn’t even wear a CC cream or foundation this morning. Just some highlights and blush 🙂


After careful research, and several referrals, I decided to get an upper blepharoplasty to help get rid of my sagging eye lids – something I had been wanting to do for years! This was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. Dr. Olson and her staff addressed all my questions and concerns, which made me very confident and at ease going into the procedure. They explained step by step what was going to happen and what to expect afterwards. Down time was about a week, and I encountered no complications or problems. I was so pleased with my outcome, I have since had Restylane Refyne filler under my eyes and can’t wait to continue with my makeover. I look and feel so much better about myself and I would highly recommend Dr. Olson to anyone thinking about any form of cosmetic surgery or enhancement procedure.


Dr. Olson is an expert at knowing which products to use, where, & how much. Most comment I look great, rested, no one ever guesses I’ve “had work done”.


Candace Chapman is just the most helpful person ever and she not only treats my skin well, she also recommends the greatest products to maintain the radiant look I leave Dr Olson’s office with!

I have had different treatments with Dr Olson and her staff.They are thorough,professional and kind.I think the results are optimal .

I could not recommend them higher,they are the best!


I have found Dr Olson to be not only extremely competent but also a good communicator who is genuinely receptive to discussing with the patient the best approach to achieving the desired result.


Dr Jane is quite simply an extraordinary cosmetic facial plastic surgeon. She wields every modality like an artist, after thoroughly studying your face, your issues, and your needs for the most natural aesthetic improvement. We all age differently and it is that individuality that Dr. Jane so masterfully addresses. Too many doctors indiscriminately fill or freeze regardless of individual issues and we all see the overdone results. Dr. Jane takes the extra time to analyze, observe and design your highly individual treatment plan. And it makes all the difference!

I had a wonderful , positive experience from the consult, to the procedure as well as the follow up. Everyone was terrific!

Every part of the process was wonderful, starting with the consult, to the procedure and post op visits. All the staff was professional as well as kind . Cannot wait to see Dr. Olson’s finished product!!!!! 🙂

Love every visit. The people are professional and welcoming.
I have complete confidence in their skills. The results are even better than I hope for
Thank you !


Jane is the BEST!!


I appreciate the time Dr. Olson takes to explain what procedures would be best suited for me and why. I’m never disappointed in my results. I feel confident that I’m in the best hands possible for the procedures I have had and have an interest in having. I LOVE ALL the changes in her new office! It has a new positive vibe! The front desk is cheerful and helpful!


I now live in Tennessee and am unable to utilize your services. I was very pleased with the service and was impressed with the DR.


I hear from my hair dresser, who knows everyone’s secrets, that Dr. Olson has no peer when it comes to fixing eyes, either cosmetically or medically. But I only go to her for filler and botox, and there I think she is a real genius.

Way too many women, who use botox and filler look puffed up and stiff. But nobody who goes to her, including me, has that look. People guess my age at twenty years younger than I am, and visits to the good Dr. Olson are one of the reasons I, as someone said to me recently,” just don’t seem to age.” Yeah right.

I have Had restylane in tear trough for a few years. I’ve never had any problem whatsoever. It makes a huge difference in my appearance. Dr Olson is very professional and does a great job.


Had the best experience with Dr. Olson and her staff, they really care about their patients and how they look, my Botox and under eye filler was amazing!! Will never go anywhere else.


Jane Olson and Candace are one of the most informed and professional offices in Baton Rouge! Few people I would trust with my face too!

Dr. Jane and her staff are amazing! No one else will ever touch my face.

Dr. Olson and staff handle every concern that a patient has in relation to skin care, appearance and scheduling. I have spent so much time and money on other doctors and products that I am an expert at seeing results and spotting the experts and it can all be found here at Dr. Olson’s. Experts each and everyone of them. Dr. Olson, Candace and Betty are the best in Baton Rouge. Results can be found here if you are searching for profound skin care and appearance in looking your best.

Written words are inadequate to express how amazing Dr. Olson really is. It is easy to understand why she is often an investigator and educator for various new anti-aging products and technologies. Her knowledge of the musculature and how it is affected by Botox and various fillers is extraordinary. She injects Botox in areas of my face that other practitioners never did, and the results are natural-looking and sensational.

LOVE Dr. Olson and her staff! Professional and caring. Dr. Olson is like an artist – studies your face and makes suggestions. I have been extremely pleased with all the services I have received.


Everyone was helpful and friendly.


Dr Olson and the staff at the BR clinic are experts in looking young, healthy and beautiful in a natural way. The great lengths Dr Olson takes with each patient to taylor each procedure or skincare is remarkable. I especially am warmed by the fact that sometimes, I am not sure what it is I want and Dr Olson accurately can give feedback to make sure my look isn’t superficial, but a naturally younger me. Candace is an expert at the BBL and micro needling, I am always amazed at the results these procedures. Betty is always warm and gracious and finds the best times to fit my schedule. Fabulous team!!


Dr Jane Olson and her staff are of the utmost in professionalism.  Dr Olson is extremely competent and talented doctor handling her patient’s needs and concerns with admirable promptness and a warm nature.
Thanks to the nurses and the staff too

She amazing! Giving injection is an art ! Knowing this because my husband is a Dentist and that’s one of the most important thing is to give a good injection! Having them both given me many ! I can say Dr Olson is extremely gentle. I trust her highly on doing several treatment with me of the years. She never over does it ! People can’t tell,they say I look well rested ! Can’t get better then that????

I had a great experience with Dr. Olson and all her staff. They are a great team. I am very please with the results of my facial surgery. I highly recommend her, Please feel free to quote my comments and rating.