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The Youthful Face

June 27, 2013

Out with the gaunt and tight, in with the plump and juicy.  Women have been availing themselves of new faces since the dawn of plastic surgery, but suddenly it seemed that there was a better new face to be had.  There is a New New Face, very different from the old one.  Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Liz Hurley. They all have it!  Even the Olsen twins seem to have a starter version of the New New Face, with their big crazy doll eyes and plush lips.

There is a noticeable aethetic shift happening in the face, and it's dovetailing with quantum leaps in plastic surgery and dermatology.  You see them everywhere in New York City: forty- and fiftysomethings who look better than a 25 year old.  There is a whole new class of women walking around with wiry little bodies and "big ol' baby face". And they look, well, if not exactly young, then attractive in a different way.  A scientist named Michael Cunningham took it upon himself to study the faces of 50 women, half of whom were finalists in an international beauty pageant.  He wrote that the width of an eye, if it is to be part of a beautiful face, should be pricisely three-tenths the width of the face, and the chin ought to be just one-fifth the height of the face, while the total area of the nose had better be less than 5% of the total area of the face.  In the end, the science of beauty seems to point to a few general parameters: We tend to like large eyes, high cheekbones, as small nose, a large smile, and a small chin.  

In the last 10 years the age of the ideal has dropped precipitously.  It seems that women in their forties and fifties are now after: BABY FAT.  Today there's a dizzying nanotechnological world of hyaluronic fillers and collagen stimulants- Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, Belotero, Radiesse, Sculptra- each with a different "bead" size targeted to fill every wirnkle on the face.  With these tools, a woman can dramatically alter her face without going anywhere near a surgeon's office.   

Time is not kind to a face.  For many women, the New New Face begins in their thirties and forties with a little Botox and maybe filler.  The New New Face cannot be achieved by fillers and Botox alone.  For women in their fifities and sixties, New New Face cunstruction begins far below the surface of the skin.  The New New Face is a preservation of facial architecture.

Doctor Olson states “These new generation dermal and deep fillers provide longer lasting and more cost-effective results. Even in the eyelids, preserving fat can prevent people from looking hollow.”  Your facial rejuvenation can be a plan of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and procedures to improve slight to more advanced facial aging. During your consultation, the Doctor Olson will listen as you express your needs and concerns. Together, you and Doctor Olson will formulate a plan that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. Call for a consultation.

*taken from New New Face Article by Jonathan Van Meter

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