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The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) was founded in 1969 to establish a qualified body of surgeons who have training and experience in this highly specialized field. The purpose of the Society is to “advance training, research and patient care in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specializing in the face, orbits, eyelids and lacrimal system.”

In the United States there are only a few hundred doctors that have devoted themselves to the specialty of eye plastic surgery –– ASOPRS surgeons. It takes years of specialized training to safely perform procedures on the delicate tissues around your eyes. To master the specialty, ASOPRS surgeons begin with four years of eye surgery training after completing medical school. They become board certified ophthalmologists. Then they complete two years of extensive, advanced oculoplastic (eye plastic) and facial surgery training, qualifying examinations and a scientific thesis. All this before being considered by their peers for fellowship in ASOPRS.