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When you consult with Doctor Olson, you will collaboratively develop a personal plan designed just for you; your goals, your schedule and your options. The consultation with Doctor Olson is the most valuable time you will spend prior to treatment.

Through this interview and discussion, you will gain specific information about your issues, options for correction of problems that you and Doctor Olson identify, and have your questions answered. Equally important, you will get a sense of your comfort with Doctor Olson, her skills, aesthetic point of view, and bedside manner.

Now – what can you do before the consultation? To help you make your decision, do some personal research. The internet is a vast and informational source. There is a steady flow of new techniques and advances in plastic surgery available. Write down questions you have and a list of your medications. During the consultation, try to be as specific as possible when explaining what you would like to have improved, and why. Doctor Olson will examine you and assess your facial anatomy- specifically, the skin, muscle, fat, bone and supportive structures. She will take into consideration your medical history and previous surgeries, your age and health status, and your desired outcome.

Doctor Olson will take the necessary time to assess your desires, decide on the most appropriate treatment plan for you, and then see you through the entire process of aesthetic improvement. Call the office nearest you and arrange your plan for a more natural healthy look.

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