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Balanced Custom Botox/Dysport in Baton Rouge

Relaxers for more positive expression

About This Treatment

BOTOX or DYSPORT is the treatment of choice for the dynamic wrinkles, the movement-related lines and grooves in your face. Importantly, by relaxing specific muscles of facial expression Dr Olson shapes the face for a more attractive balanced expression.

As a facial surgeon, Doctor Olson has the experience and knowledge of facial anatomy. She knows the subtleties of the face and how you can reach your aesthetic goals. Doctor Olson likes to use BOTOX to control the eyebrow position and contour by relaxing the eyebrows apart and upward – a “BOTOX Brow Lift” and shaping. Dermal fillers like JUVEDERM® can be used to complement the effects of BOTOX so it is longer lasting. A tiny amount of BOTOX precisely injected, relaxes specific muscles and allows the body’s own collagen to regenerate in those lines formed from repetitive movement. BOTOX can be used artfully to have a subtle softening effect that is neither obvious nor takes away our ability to communicate. Importantly, BOTOX can be used to shape the face by the advanced balanced injection to muscles of facial expression. Some asymmetry of the face can be balanced. Even subtle changes can be made in droopy eyelids, a “gummy smile”, bunny lines, sneer, lip flip, dimpled chin, platysma neck bands with Nefertiti neck lift and down turned mouth. BOTOX and DYSPORT should be injected by the most experienced specialist in a medical setting to achieve a safe, natural and finessed result. Each lasts for about 4 months. Doctor Olson will help you decide which is right for you. Call for a consultation now and take advantage of our VIP membership discount card available only at Jane Olson MD.


Daxxify is now offered by Dr. Olson in Baton Rouge, LA!

The first and only peptide powered FDA-approved anti-wrinkle treatment that lasts up to 6 months. What sets this neuromodulator apart from Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau is the duration of effectiveness (And it’s vegan, no human albumin).

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