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How To Fix An Over Injected Face

October 7, 2013

When you consider having a cosmetic procedure done make sure to do your homework before choosing a doctor. When you consult with Doctor Olson, you will collaboratively develop a personal plan designed just for you; your goals, your schedule and your options. The consultation with Doctor Olson is the most valuable time you will spend prior to treatment. State of the art technique, technology and products allow us to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance at every age. Combination therapy with laser skin treatment, Botox, injectable volume enhancers and minimally invasive facial surgery is the contemporary "facelift". In the hands of a skilled specialized physician you can achieve fabulous results with little downtime or discomfort. When in the hands of a less specialized doctor you can have that over injected look. Some products can be dissolved while others you cannot. The biggest compliment Dr. Olson gets from her patients is that they now look how they feel. Looking refreshed without people asking what they had done.

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The aging process is not easy on the eyes, especially when it's your own that are doing the looking. My solution? I avoid the few mirrors in my home. Artificial light is kept minimal, and as luck would have it, there is very little natural light in my loft downtown. Picture a cave. If, God forbid, I encounter a mirror in a public space, I duck. As for general maintenance, I wash my face twice a day, apply one miracle anti aging cream or another, and yes, I exfoliate on occasion. My excuse? I grew up in a family that regarded vanity as a sin akin perhaps to armed robbery. The understated approach to upkeep is not the norm for everyone in the aging populace. There are those who participate in a punishing program of dermatological treatments that starts out innocently enough, but, if abused over time, can produce a curious side effect: Familiar faces-say, your own-become unfamiliar. In some cases, they're virtually unrecognizable. And unfortunately, you're usually last to know.

How does one become caught in this predicament? As Manhattan dermatologist Lisa Airan, M.D., explains, it can start when a patient has had a positive result form what she terms "a small improvement" but then throws all caution the wind, troubleshooting every perceived problem area until she ends up with a distorted, filler-filled, alien-like face along the lines of ET's. Meanwhile, she's gotten accustomed to her new plumped features; it's difficult to recall the starting line. Regrettably, familiarity breeds not contempt but amnesia. "They fall over the edge," says Airan. "Literally, the baseline is reset."

An art consultant in her 60s whom we shall call Lauren says, "When I first started getting filler, I got a little, and then I went back and I got a little more, and I was thinking, I look great! I happened to have a passport picture taken at the time and now I look at the picture and think, who the hell is that? My face looked like a balloon that someone had painted eyes, nose, and mouth on. There were no lines; that's for sure!" she says. "It was a shock. I don't know why the mirror wasn't a shock, but it wasn't until I saw that passport picture that I realized the extent of what I had done. I call it losing perspective."

Trends play a part, too-and beauty trends can create for more enduing damage that passing fads in fashion because, let's be honest, you can't exactly remove your new Angelina Jolie- esque lips like a satin Prada sandal after a mortifying evening where twelve other women had the same exact pair. These days, it's no longer about bee-stung lips. According to Airan, at this moment, "really high, over improvement" cheeks are the rage. She doesn't get it:"If you didn't have a high cheekbone to begin with, why are you suddenly putting all this filler in? It's too much volume, and it looks like something was done- because it wasn't there naturally. I don't know where it started ," she laments,"but is doesn't make anyone look younger-or better."

But if you have gone past the point of no return, don't panic. There is a miracle cure, stashed away carefully in most doctors cabinets: hyaluronidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that can dissolve hyaluronic-acid fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero. After an injection, voila: your back to your old self-or rather, your old but less artificial-looking self-in about a day. (Warning for non-hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Radiesse and Sculptra the only thing to do is wait. )

That's not to say fillers and other injectable don't have their place. As Wexler explains, with patients who have overdosed, it is once the baseline has been restored that the real work begging:" When everything has settled down, they come and they get work where they really need it." After a few injections of hyaluronidase to remove so much excess filler that she had developed what looked like "ridges" on each side of her face, Rebecca, a flight attendant in her 50s, began a conservative regimen of Belotero just where she had lost volume, in her nasolabial folds. "I look great…glowing," she says. "I look normal. No one would even know I'd had anything done-unless I told them."

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