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Designer Filler

RHA – Resilient Hyaluronic Acid – is the latest in HA filler science, made to more closely mimic the HA naturally found in skin. The RHA Collection is designed to move naturally with dynamic areas of the face. This latest innovation of hyaluronic acid fillers are very elastic and hold together while stretching during natural […]

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What You Need to Know About Covid-19 Vaccine and Facial Swelling

Our Nurse Practitioner Lisa got her 2 vaccinations…AND she has had fillers. In the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine trial, 2 patients had swelling in areas of HA filler. This temporary reaction resolved naturally or with mild treatment. The antibodies formed from the Covid-19 vaccine do not attack fillers. This side effect is an inflammatory reaction we […]

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This isn’t your mother’s facelift!

6 Reasons I’m Integrating the Silhouette Absorbable Suture Lift into my treatment plan for you…   No incisions – just a small needle puncture into the skin allows me to place a cheek, jawline or neck lifting thread. All with 3 small spots of local anesthetic of each thread. Absorbable – New technology allows the […]

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Just For Men

In honor of Father’s Day we have put together our most popular treatments just for men.   BOTOX® I use Botox and Dysport to reduce the deep brow and forehead furrows that may communicate an angry, unapproachable or fatigued expression. For men I maintain a “T-shaped brow” to preserve a masculine appearance. HydraFacial MD Men […]

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The Injectable Holiday

We all have missed or deferred injectable treatments since elective medical visits have come to a halt due to Covid-19.  This holiday or increased time since your last injection may not be such a bad thing and certainly won’t be detrimental.  The time off allows your facial features to return to baseline giving us the […]

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