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What is the Right Age to Start Using Botox?

October 26, 2016

Many people wonder what is the right age to start using Botox? The answer is, whenever is right for you.

What is the right age for you to start getting Botox?

What is the right age to start using Botox?

Botox is often begun in patients in their 30’s for dynamic wrinkles, also called ‘baby botox’. I have used it in patients in their 20’s if they have deep frown lines or to improve facial asymmetry (a droopy brow, for example). Studies have shown that using small amounts of Botox on a regular basis, starting in late 20’s or early 30’s can help prevent dynamic  wrinkles, those caused by the movement of facial expression muscles.

People can be nervous that starting Botox too early can result in a ‘scary or frozen look’. Botox and Dysport should be injected by the most experienced specialist in a medical setting to achieve a safe, natural  and finessed result. As a National Faculty Trainer for Allergan, I have trained other physicians  on how to inject patients to get the best result. A tiny amount of Botox precisely injected, relaxes specific muscles. Botox can be used so artfully so as to have a subtle softening effect that is neither obvious nor takes away our ability to communicate. When you choose a  qualified and experienced injector  for your customized Botox treatment you can accomplish so much more than just treating lines on your forehead.

I use Botox and Dysport for:

  • Brow Lifting
  • Facial Shaping
  • To treat bunny lines on the nose
  • To soften frown and anger expressions
  • To roll out upper and lower lip
  • Treat lip lines
  • Treat dimpled chin ‘orange peel’
  • Create a more positive expression and appearance
  • Correct asymmetry of facial expression
  • Treat crow’s feet
  • Treat neck bands
  • Treat grimace or smile lines
  • To open eyes
  • Treat gummy smiles


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