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This isn’t your mother’s facelift!

6 Reasons I’m Integrating the Silhouette Absorbable Suture Lift into my treatment plan for you…


No incisions – just a small needle puncture into the skin allows me to place a cheek, jawline or neck lifting thread. All with 3 small spots of local anesthetic of each thread.

Absorbable – New technology allows the lifting thread to absorb just like Sculptra.  That means no permanent suture material remains in your face.

Silhouette Lift Stimulates Your Own Collagen – Once the absorbable thread and cones instantly lift and contour your face, they stimulate your own natural collagen to anchor the result.

The Lift That Contours – Facial Harmony is 3 Dimensional – The special technology and precise placement allows me to restore projection of the ideal curve of your cheek and straighten your jawline.

We can combine the lift with other treatments the same day. Silhouette InstaLift works synergistically with relaxers, fillers, biostimulators, lights and lasers to give you your most balanced natural positive appearance.

I can also maintain and tweak the result of a past surgical facelift that has begun to sag. This procedure is safe to be repeated over the years to keep you looking your best as underlying aging changes continue.

Experience Matters

Dr. Olson is board certified and fellowship trained as an oculofacial plastic surgeon. 28 years of experience practicing and teaching facial cosmetic injectableslaser and surgery.

All for a more beautiful you.