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What Are Your Skin Care Products Actually Doing For You

June 24, 2015

What Are Your Skin Care Products Actually Doing For You

What are your skin care products are actually doing for your skin? With so many products to choose from it can become overwhelming. People can be lured to popular “over the counter” brands or products sold by friends/neighbors because of their advertisements, claims and price. So why choose medical grade products over cosmeceuticals. Understanding the difference between these two are extremely important. Here are some important facts to consider when choosing products for your skin.

  • Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that claim to have medicinal or drug-like benefits.
  • The FDA does not regulate cosmeceuticals and therefore they do not have to list every ingredient.
  • If a product has drug properties, it must be FDA approved, but cosmeceuticals skip this review and approval process.
  • Organic lines use a lot of chemicals in botanicals.
  • Why choose medical grade products?
  1.  Medical grade products have higher concentrations of active ingredients.
  2. Cosmeceuticals can only have a small amount of active ingredients because they are not dispensed and overseen by a Doctor.
  3. In order to get real results, the active ingredients need to be able to penetrate the stratum corneum and be delivered. While cosmeceuticals can only work on the epidermis (outer layer of skin), medical grade products can work down to the dermis (where the elastin and collagen are contained) as well as the basal (where new cells are produced).
  4. Medical grade products provide real results! They have scientific studies published to show how their products work to transform the skin.

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