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July 22, 2021
Emsculpt NEO

Our Emsculpt NEO for body sculpting is up and running!

For me, the Emsculpt NEO has been of personal interest to help me maintain muscle and core strength as I age. Of course, the added benefit (2 for 1) of reducing the fat layer overlying muscle is a dream. It’s fun when technology arrives that allows us to accomplish something we couldn’t previously.

A most of you know I am passionate about my horses, and that I continue to complete in hunter jumper shows. These photos are an example of the “thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat”… They were taken at a competition when I was bucked off one day and went back to compete safely the next day. In order to do this sport safely I need to maintain muscle everywhere, but especially core strength. This becomes harder with each decade, because we lose muscle starting in our 30’s. So i am using the Emsculpt NEO for the “Power Hour”. Thirty minutes of supramaximal contractions (like doing 20,000 sit ups) of abdominals and fat melting, followed by 30 minutes of buttocks treatment will build and maintain my core strength. So I use this technology to support my ability to live an active, strong competitive life and I hope to continue on into the next decade!

This treatment appeals to so many different age groups with various goals. Youthful and fit men and women want to take their fitness up a notch by activating muscles that are hard to target with gym work. A quicker, more effective route to your best beachbody and the Sports Illustrated swim competition might be your goal! Recovering and reclaiming your shape after pregnancy is a challenge for many new Moms. Jump-starting exercise goals and getting rid of pandemic weakness and chubbiness is why some folks are using the Emsculpt NEO. We have other patients who are unable to exercise due to injury or illness and this is a safe way to do it. So, we can all Look Better  Older now! That’s my goal for taking care of your faces and now you can maintain your body strength and contour with this revolutionary technology. That’s why I’ve added Emsculpt NEO to my practice.

Give me a call to start your first 30 minute session on this device! There is no pain and no downtime to achieve your results.


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