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Finding a Good Doctor

July 12, 2013

If you are considering or plan to undergo any type of cosmetic treatment, seek out a board-certified, well-qualified and experienced oculofacial surgeon that has repeatedly performed the treatment you have opted for.  "What differentiates good doctors from the great ones is their artistic sense of beauty," says Dr. Azizzadeh. Injectables and fillers can easily correct the signs of aging, but these treatments, as well as surgical procedures, can also produce unwanted problems.  Looking for a doctor that understands the anatomy of the face, with your muscle movements and facial assymetry, is extremely important.  The  tight face, high arched eyebrow, over done lips, and overly full face is a look of the past.  

BOTOX® or DYSPORT® are the treatments of choice for the dynamic wrinkles, the movement-related lines and grooves in your face.  Doctor Olson likes to use BOTOX to control the eyebrow position and contour by relaxing the eyebrows apart and upward – a “BOTOX Browlift" and shaping.  A tiny amount of BOTOX precisely injected, relaxes specific muscles and allows the body’s own collagen to regenerate in those lines formed from repetitive movement.  BOTOX can be used artfully so it will have  a subtle softening effect, that is neither obvious or takes away our ability to communicate. Inexperienced doctors and others with  poor injection techniques can pull  the eyebrows unnaturally up, or in some cases  cause  the muscles to pull down the central part of the brow to look distorted.  This look lacks a natural softness as well as curve to the eyebrows. Too much Botox/Dysport improperly injected into wrong areas,  can cause a droopy effect.  BOTOX and DYSPORT are purified proteins and should be injected by an experienced specialist in a medical setting to achieve a safe, natural and finessed result.

As we age, it is harder  to keep fat in the face.  A lack of  facial volume forces the skin to hang, portraying  a saggy appearance with pronounced bone structure.  Lost volume due to fat loss in the face creates a guant look. When doing a  consult with Doctor Olson, you will gain specific information about your concerns, along with options for the correction of them.  Doctor Olson will always take the time to answer your questions before proceeding with treatment.  She will examine you and assess your facial anatomy- specifically, the skin, muscle, fat, bone and supportive structures.  Doctor Olson has extensive experience with advanced fillers such as  Juvederm Ultra, Juvedermtm Ultra Plus, Restylane®,Perlane®, Radiesse®, Sculptra®, and Belotero . All of them which are artfully used to sculpt the face by replacing lost volume due to fat and bone loss. Doctor Olson also chooses fillers with differing characteristics to best shape the face for each individual.  These new generation dermal and deep fillers provide longer lasting and more natural results.

Your facial rejuvenation can be a plan of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments/ procedures to improve facial aging. During your consultation, the Doctor Olson will listen as you express your needs and concerns. Together, you and Doctor Olson will formulate a plan that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. Call for a consultation.

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