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Just Say NO!

Botox parties in non-medical settings are being marketed by non-core injectors as the cosmetic industry has taken off. More physicians and non-physicians are getting into aesthetic medicine which leads to these “parties”, along with competitive discounting and false advertising. It is important to understand with any injectable there can be complications. The experience and training of the injector is what sets your results apart.

Ask questions and educate yourself:


  • Did you know there are serious risks associated with fillers?

Ask the injector what their protocol is if there is a complication. Every patient I treat will have their vision checked before treatment. I keep a product in stock that dissolved HA fillers. I also have protocols in place if any should arise and all treatments are done in a professional medical office.

Complications can occur even with the most experienced injectors. Board-certified core facial physicians understand the risks and are committed to the highest standards in patient care and safety.

  • Where did they get the product?

There are counterfeit products flooding the market along with injectables being sold on ebay. We only purchase FDA approved products directly from Allergan or Galderma.  Ask to see the product they are using and check for the authentic holographic image.

  • What happens if a complication occurs?

Prompt intervention can significantly decrease the risk of long term effects. When having a procedure done outside a medical setting, who do you call with an issue and how quickly will you be seen?

  • Do your homework!

Your provider should have significant specialty training, experience, extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, a well developed aesthetic eye, and a proven cosmetic medical background.

    Botox parties can sound fun and have savings but at what cost? Botox and Fillers are medical treatments that require a physician with the right credentials and qualifications.

Your safety and outcome is our priority!

Experience Matters

Dr. Olson is board certified and fellowship trained as an oculofacial plastic surgeon. 28 years of experience practicing and teaching facial cosmetic injectables, laser and surgery.

All for a more beautiful you.