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Celebrating 30 Years!

Oculofacial surgeons treated blepharospasm with Botox then transitioned to cosmetic use before it was FDA approved in 2002.

Botox is celebrating 30 years of approval for blepharospasm ( a neurological disorder that causes the muscles in your eyes to forcibly retract) and

strabismus ( when eyes point in different directions).

I have 30 years of experience injecting Botox. We have over 50 muscles in the face and everyone has a different pattern of facial expression. I use advanced techniques treating full face with Botox injections to shape the face for a more attractive, balanced expression.

New Beauty writes “one thing is for certain as the 100 millionth vial of Botox crosses the production line: this is one toxin that’s in the business of improving lives.”


Experience Matters

Dr. Olson is board certified and fellowship trained as an oculofacial plastic surgeon. 30 years of experience practicing and teaching facial cosmetic injectables, laser and surgery.

All for a more beautiful you.