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Spring Cleaning

5 ways to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

As the seasons change, so does your skin. Spring is a time to start fresh!

Here are my Spring Secrets:

  1. Out with the old – Throw out any products over a year old. Old products can host bacteria which can cause dull skin and clogged pores.

  2. Technology cleanse – Your phone is a breeding ground for unwanted germs and viruses. Make time to clean it.

  3. Exfoliate – During the winter months, dead skin cells can accumulate and build up on the surface of your skin. Regular exfoliation will speed up the turnover of skin cells, remove dry, flaky skin and reduce impurities that can cause blackheads. Schedule a HydraFacial Plus with Dermaplaning to deeply exfoliate the winter buildup while utilizing super serums to deliver essential nutrients for healthy glowing skin.

  4. Take your legs out of hiding! – The skin on your legs have fewer sebaceous glands and tends to be much drier than the skin on the face. I use Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter for smooth, even-tone, hydrated skin. This product is specifically formulated to offer instant relief and comfort as well as intense, long-lasting nourishment to the most dehydrated areas of the body.

    Restorsea Body Butter


  5. Prepare your pout – Chapped lips comes with cold, dry air. I recommend Restorsea Lips Magic to help your lips through the change of seasons and make sure your pout is soft and smooth!