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It’s time to start with a a clean slate. 

One aspect of a fresh start is making new year resolutions. Let’s bring in 2019 with beautiful skin! I like to start by making a list of my goals and resolutions. Skin health is often overlooked when setting goals. Healthy, rejuvenated, glowing skin doesn’t need to be complicated. Start today by scheduling a skin consultation to get a customized plan for you and your skin.

Here are some quick tips to keep your skin glowing all year long:

  1. Reassess your skin care routine: Start by simplifying your skin care routine. The long-term benefits of high quality skin care are unparalleled. Declutter your drawers by getting rid of old products, particularly those older than a year or past the expiration date.
  2. Make time for skin treatments: Keep your skin healthy, radiant and hydrated with customized in-office treatments. Make a plan with our skin specialist to improve (sun damage, rosacea, uneven texture, etc.) and maintain your results. 
  3. Embrace SPF: Invest in a physical sunscreen. My favorite is Alastin HydraTint. This lightweight, all physical, broad spectrum sunscreen is rich in antioxidants and shields against pollution induced damage. This sunscreen also has a light tint which allows me to go makeup free!

Make taking care of your skin this year’s goal.


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