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FINALLY – A Retinol Alternative!

Restorsea products are formulated with natural and toxic-free ingredients that contain a proprietary and patented enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®.  What can  Restorsea PRO Intensive 10x do for you: Utilizes Aquabeautine XL, baby salmon release this enzyme in order to get out of their egg shell. When this enzyme is applied to human skin, it exfoliates the […]

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A Guide to Lasers – And What’s Right For Your Skin

Q: Are there anti-wrinkle lasers, per se? Which are best for skin texture issues? Do you believe that lasers are the best approach for crepe-iness? A: In general, lasers that remodel collagen and stimulate collagen production throughout the dermis of the skin improve the appearance of wrinkles, texture, and crepe-iness. This is because the first […]

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Will The Invasive Face Lift Become Obsolete?

Dr. Olson believes starting a preventative anti aging lifestyle in your 30’s will make a long-term impact on how your face ages.  Skin tone, texture, quality and overall skin age may be preserved. Deep facial wrinkling can be prevented. And the contours of a youthful face may be maintained longer.   Here are Dr Olson‘s […]

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Maintain A Youthful Neck

We get so concerned with our face, we forget that the signs of aging might be creeping up on our neck and décolleté area. You can prevent or treat discoloration, fatty deposits, wrinkles, bands and even loose skin that can evolve into the dreaded turkey neck—and maintain a more youthful look. Here are 4 options you can use to treat and […]

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Don’t Let Your Hands Give Away Your Age

Our hands are usually the first body part to show our age.  While we protect our face we usually neglect the hands.  You should use a retinoid and SPF on your hands daily.  The retinoid will help with tone and texture while the SPF will protect from sundamage. Chemical peels and the Forever Young BBL are […]

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