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Your Top 5 Skin Care Questions Answered

Our skin care specialist, Candace, is here to answer the most asked skin questions.

Candace Chapman

1.I have a busy life and need to keep my routine simple.

A skin care routine does not need to be complicated to deliver effective, beautiful results. In your skin consult we assess your lifestyle, skin health and goals to optimize  your skin routine. I will make a plan with you to choose one product from each category to simplify your routine, not everyone needs every category, and you don’t want to duplicate.

2. What is the best way to reduce pore size?

I recommend a customized treatment plan combined with proper skin care, such as retinoids, to minimize pore size. Depending on your skin type and goals I utilize microneedling and clear & brilliant combined with topical skin care for pre and post treatment that will improve your skin quality and maintain our skin age with no downtime.

**For patient’s that can’t tolerate retinoids, the new Restorsea Pro Serum is an effective alternative.**

3. Is a higher SPF better? 

When it comes to the SPF level in sunscreen, a higher number doesn’t always mean better protection. I recommend using a medical grade physical sun block sunscreen with a protection of at least 30+ for everyday and 50 if you are outside for a prolonged period of time. SPF of 30+ will protect 98% from UVB (burning rays). Higher than 50 means more chemicals which can be irritating to the skin. You want to use a true broad spectrum sunscreen to protect from all UV light, such as Skin Medica SPF for the face and Elta MD for body. Look for physical block sunscreens that contain Titanium and Zinc Oxide.

4. When do you need to change your skin care routine?

Your skin is constantly changing so it’s important to update your products as  you notice these changes in your skin or if you want to work on a specific issue. As the seasons and your hormones change you will find you might need to alter your products to maintain a healthy skin barrier. I recommend having a HydraFacial every three months to refresh and help transition your skin through the seasons. This also allows me to analyze your skin to make sure are using  the most impactful skincare routine. The best anti-aging products for long term skin health are vitamin c, medical grade sunscreen, and a retinoid. 

5. How can I reverse sun damage on my chest?

Aging and sun exposure can result in chest and neck wrinkles, redness, blotchiness and brown spots. Forever Young BBL/IPL is my favorite treatment to rejuvenate & maintain healthy skin! REVERSE sun damage not only on your face but neck, chest, arms and hands. Make sure to apply sunscreen to these areas to protect your result and  prevent future damage.