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Juvederm VOLUMA

Dr. Olson was among the first surgeons in the country to use  VOLUMA and has treated hundreds of patients with this deep implant filler, adding to over 2 decades experience with facial injectables and surgery.

We are loving the currently available and FDA approved Juvederm VOLUMA.  Voluma creates a soft “lift” to the cheek area, fills hollow temples, and defines the jawline. Voluma affords more definition than Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus.  Europe and Canada have enjoyed the availability of Voluma for years and now Dr Olson’s patients are benefiting from the beautiful and long lasting lift.  Like the other Juvederms, VOLUMA is a carbohydrate gel which can be dissolved with an enzyme very easily.  In general there is very little swelling, there is immediate volume correction and very long duration – up to two years.  Go to www.doctorjaneolson.com/videos and watch a video on how Dr Olson restores the volume in the face to restore more youthful contours of the aging face and enhances the attractiveness of the face by balancing convexities.