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Ptosis (pronounced toe’sis) is a drooping of the upper eyelid making the eyelids look sleepy or lazy. This is a problem of the muscle that opens the eyelid.  Ptosis can be present at birth or can develop gradually from trauma, aging or neurological issues.  Not only can a drooping eyelid affect vision, but it can give an appearance of disinterest, fatigue, age or loss of vitality.  Ptosis surgery is required to shorten or reattach the muscle in order to restore the arch of the eyelid and an attentive healthy appearance.  A subtle ptosis can affect the eyebrow position and make the eyelids and brow appear asymmetrical. So, correction of ptosis is a very powerful tool in aesthetic improvement of expression. It is often combined with upper lid blepharoplasty surgery by Dr Olson.  Expertise in this delicate repair is essential and usually performed by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.